Cape Tribulation

To add some information to the pictures from yesterday:

I was with Toe-Knee on tour to Cape Tribulation (Tony organises trips for some of Cairns English-schools, his bus has place for 21 people)

We visited Cape Kimberly, crossed the Daintree River and went to Cape Tribulation, where we took a break for lunch and to enjoy the beautiful beach. This very morning a croc was seen there, so i prefered to stay out of the water. Some of the group didn’t care about the warning and went for a swim and I’m very glad there was no croc coming to eat them!

On our way we had the luck to see four Cassowary birds crossing the road!

In the afternoon we took a swim in a beautiful swimming hole in the Rainforest and did a 1-hr-Crocodile & Wildlife-Cruise on the Daintree River where we had seen two crocs and a snake.

It was a wonderful day, thanks to Tony and the whole group. (And thanks Australia for its beauty!)

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