Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

Yesterday evening we went to Tjapukai and had a great time.

As we missed the welcome drink, the evening started with a magic space cultural Initiation with dance and didgeridoo. After that they guided us to the lakeside where we were part of a fire-making-ceremony. We danced, sang and clapped the rhythm with clapsticks. They’re really fast in making a nice fire without a lighter, just using two wooden sticks! Afterwards, they threw some fire over the lake which inflamed a huge fire-ball explosion!

The four-course buffet dinner was excellent and there was a great performance on the stage in the restaurant. When they asked if somebody remembered the aboriginal name for fire, I was the one who gave the answer (It’s pronounced “birri”). For that they let me come on the stage and I got the opportunity to dance with them and make fire as they showed before. It’s pretty hard! 🙂 And on top of that I’d got a boomerang as a present. Awesome!

The lovely fireplace outside smelled different to the fire at home, maybe because it’s not european wood?

Moreover, the art gallery was impressive, very detailed thought-provoking drawings, much better than the souvenirs in the tourist shops 😉

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