Kangaroo Island

We had a great Time on Kangaroo Island!
There’s so much wildlife to see: kangaroos, koalas, seals and even sea-lions!
The eucalyptus-distillery was worth a visit as well.
Snorkeling is great and the water so clear, we’ve seen some nice fishes!
Fishing itself was not successful.. but we had a delicious plan B for dinner 🙂

For everyone who wants to visit this island:
take at least! 4 days time and check the ferryprices before you start your journey (it’s a fair bit cheaper if you book at least one night accommodation with the ferry)
Don’t expect 4WD tracks, it’s all easy to drive, just a bit corrugated.

1 thought on “Kangaroo Island

  1. Ben

    Thanks Mirjam for awesome 14 days with you, Troop and Jumbuck… It’s been a pleasure meeting you and whenever you are in Germany make sure you geve me a buzz… Until then good luck with the rest of you adventure! Take care and trevlig resa! Ben


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