Mullum Australia

It’s a wonderful day off and I went for a nice drive past “Türlersee”, “Zürichsee” and “Zugersee” (see means lake).
Sadly it was a bit cloudy, so I didn’t take pictures for you..
The destination was “Mullum Australia”, which is a Shop in Rapperswil that sells Australian products for people like me 😉
They sell Vegemite, Bundy-rum, VB, XXXX, clothes, souvenirs and a lot of other things 🙂
Of course I bought a jar of Vegemite. It’s so good to taste it again, I really missed it!
And I bought some Australian cookie cutters, so I can make kangaroo-, koala-, crocodile- and australia-shaped Christmas-cookies in winter 😀 That’s gonna be fun!

here’s a picture from last week, it’s a water buffalo at “Flachsee”

and the link to Mullum Australia:

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