From Thursday till Sunday was the tenth Greenfield festival, for me the first one and it was amazing!
It was a new experience to have a LIDL (shoppingcentre) on the festival area and be able to buy almost everything you need fresh from the shop. The fireplaces were nice and we had our daily lunch-barbecue 🙂
Around 24’000 visitors were there and the weather went from sunshine to hail.. but with the right equipment we couldn’t be bothered.
The only sad thing was the way people threw their rubbish to the ground expecting someone would clean up later anyway..
The music was great, my personal favorites were Dropkick Murphys, Broilers, Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Clutch, Sepultura, Saltatio Mortis and Soundgarden.
Some of the music styles were new to me and I didn’t like everything, but I really enjoyed the time in Interlaken! Maybe next year again, we’ll see 🙂

2 thoughts on “Greenfield

  1. Mitch Fischer

    Hey just thought u might like to see how sheila looks she just got all the rust cut out and all the paint tidied up then a full cut and polish. She looks so good now hard to believe that she is 26yrs old


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