Salsa, Milow and Ed Sheeran

My legs are pretty sore from dancing 🙂
I’d say that’s a good sign of a great weekend 🙂
We were doing a salsa course (2x3h), which was intense and a lot of fun!
Salsa-music just gives me the feeling of being on holiday! 🙂

on top of that we were in Lucerne to the Blueballs Festival where Ed Sheeran and Nina Nesbitt played
and as if that wasn’t enough we went to Salem (Germany, near Bodensee/Lake Constance) to watch Milow and Imany (Nadia Mladjao)!
Ed Sheeran and Milow were fantastic main acts and Imany surprised me with an awesome voice and performance!

All in all it was a really busy weekend but I’d do it again immediately!
Music and dancing make life so much more enjoyable!
So please put on some great music and move your body 🙂

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