Happy 2015

I wish you all a great new year, lots of great experiences and good health!

Winter has been pretty quiet here, we’ve only had a decent amount of snow for a few days.
Some great ways to spend the cold time here are thermal bathing, going to the cinema or doing other indoor activities.
Not to forget going to the mountains to ski, snowboard, sled or just take a walk and enjoy the awesome view.

I went to Cailler, which is one of the bigger chocolate factories here in Switzerland.
We took a course in creating Rochers de Cailler. They are chocolate covered almonds which were covered in Schnaps and powered sugar and then baked for a few minutes. The difficulty is to heat up the chocolate to the right temperature so it gets a nice shine after cooling down. We also made some chocolate pieces decorated with ginger, coffee, raisins, cherries, pistache, peanuts, hazelnuts and other things.
It was a great visit and definitely worth the drive there. Our creations were so yummy, they didn’t last for long!

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