Being a nurse I get to hear a lot about people’s health issues. As usually in the beginning of a new year many people say that they would like to lose weight. A friend told me that he lost a lot of weight just by quitting the consumption of sweet drinks like ice tea, coca-cola and others.
As a good advice I can say this too. Stop drinking sweetened beverage and switch to water and tea will help you loosing weight. Of course you don’t have to completely quit drinking everything you like, but its an easy way of improving your health. With the saved money you could buy something to make you feel good with your body, like a nice soap, fragrance or cream.
However, it’s necessary to do some exercise or just move a lot in daily life. Being in average fitness helps you to like yourself and sport is a good way of spending time on your own and getting a good feeling from what you’ve done.

Reading about Coca-Cola I got inspired to try an experiment that I’ve seen on youtube. It shows what is left over after boiling out all the water of 1.5l Coca-Cola. There is 159g sugar in 1.5 litres of Coca-Cola, that’s about as much as 40 sugar cubes.
Seeing the pictures below might help you think twice if you’d prefer clear water, tea or something else.
Talking about this special product I don’t want to talk just for Coca-Cola, it’s just an example and I still like a glass of it from time to time.






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