Snowy Uetliberg

Next to Zurich is ‘Uetliberg’, a really lovely mountain. Its top is only 871 meters above sea level. From there you have a beautiful scenic view over the city, Lake Zurich and the Limmat Valley all the way to the panorama of the Alps.

But now it’s winter here and it snowed when we walked to the top. The visibility wasn’t that great but the continuing snowing was awesome too and makes the forest even more magic.

There were people sledding, building igloos and snowmen or just walking in the snow, taking pictures, throwing snowballs and enjoying life like us.

Even the Sun (one part of the path of planets, which lays out the sizes and distances in the solar system in a scale of 1:1 billion) was covered with snow. You can see it on one of the pictures. 🙂







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