Blausee and Dählhölzli

Blausee, Greenfield-openair and Dählhölzli-zoo were nice and I had many great experiences. We were quite lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain as much as predicted.

Parkway Drive had their drummer in a turning wheel and so he played upside down from time to time! And they had a big fire show to their sound as well.
Other bands were great too (I can’t mention all of them, go and visit the next openair by yourself) and the yummy waffles with berries as a dessert deserve a special mention.

And I really like the bears, the albino racoon, ground squirrels and emperor tamarin!

1 thought on “Blausee and Dählhölzli

  1. bro

    It was sooooo great to spend at least 4 days of my free time with one of the best people in my life (thats you – my dear sister).
    First at the bluelake! A very good place to be 🙂
    Then at the Greenfield Open-Air! A very loud and stinky place to be. But that`s not a problem when the sound touches your heart and when you feel the groove.
    And the visit of the Dälihölzli Zoo in Bern was a realy, realy great present for me. To see the two bears Misha and Masha in the early Hours of a great calm day.
    Thanks a lot.


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