It’s Züri Fäscht at the moment and we saw great air shows. It’s impressing at what speed they fly and trust each other to be where they’re supposed to be as they got pretty close to each other sometimes! They did fantastic maneuvers, but these are difficult to display in a pic, that’s why you just get to see some formations. If you want to see them, it’s still two more days to do so.
On the pic of the Super Puma (Transport helicopter of the Swiss Air Force) you see the two pilots waving)!

The fire works were amazing but my location and the pics not as much. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some more tomorrow. Or you just come around and watch it by yourself (just be aware it’s quite crowded).

Apart from that I’ve learned that the beak of a duck looks like the outline of a dog’s head, which I find hilarious and hard to forget again.

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