Yesterday was a wonderful day again!

I went to two wonderful waterfalls:
– Seerenbachfälle and Ringquelle: The road there is great! It’s a one way road that can only be entered from __:00 to __:05 and __:30 to __:35 from one side and from __:15 to __:20 and __:45 to __:50 from the other side. That’s a way to ensure that only cars from one side enter at a time, which i find quite ingenious and haven’t seen before anywhere. Lucky as I was, on both sides I didn’t have to wait, because the time was right to enter! Ringquelle Waterfall even had a nice Rainbow.
– Berglistüber: That one too is a big waterfall and you can walk behind it!
I definitely want to go to both waterfalls again with better shoes to be able to get closer to them.

In the evening there was a festival called Sounds of Glarus with great music. My favorites were “Modern Day Heroes”, “Skinny Lister” and “Šuma Čovjek”.
Have a nice day everyone.

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