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Zoo Zürich

Yesterday the team of Geschichtenoase went to Zoo Zürich to a guided tour through the new Lewa Savanna. The 5.6 hectares spanning exhibit provides a generous open spaces for giraffes, rhinos and other animals as well.
We’ve seen Hyenas and porcupines which I haven’t seen before and on the way back we heard monkeys making noises in a way I’ve never heard them during the day.
The pictures of the hyena were taken through glass-walls, but with the other photos they still give you some impression of our zoo and I got to capture the area without people on it. 🙂
Thanks to our guide and the Geschichtenoase-team!
If you want to visit us next year, check out


Last Sunday I spontaneously went to Schwyz to view the exhibition “Made in Witzerland” which explores Swiss humour in all its diversity. I had a few good laughs and can really recommend to have a look at it (until 24.01.2021). If you do so, take the time to read some jokes in the many books, that are displayed.

In the afternoon I followed the advice of an advertising brochure and walked the “Joke hiking trail Muota Valley”. It’s a wonderful area and here again, many jokes made me laugh and I really liked the friendliness of the local people.

Schynige Platte

From Schynige Platte you get dream views of the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, the surrounding peaks as well as Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.
The sunrise was amazing!

I really enjoyed the great company and spending time in the mountains.
Here are some impressions from last weekend:

Botanical Garden Grueningen and Bachtel Tower

These pictures I took a while ago. We went to the botanical garden in Grueningen, which is lovely and has picnic spots and fireplaces. There are giant trees, beautiful flowers and a big variety of plants to discover. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Afterwards we went to Bachtel Tower on 1,115 m. From there you have an amazing view on Zuercher Oberland with lake Zurich, Lake Pfaeffikon, Greifensee, Egelsee, Luetzelsee and of course some villages, mountains and forests as well.

Comet NEOWISE and Zoo Zurich

This weekend I was up at night to capture Comet NEOWISE. It’s even visible from the eye!
Sunday we spent at the zoo and we’ve seen so many beautiful and interesting animals. There were also some, that we didn’t see, but that’s alright. Most of the animals have a lot of space, so they aren’t always visible all the time, but they look well, that’s definitely worth it.
Highlights for me were hearing the kookaburras laugh, feeding some rainbow lorikeet and watching the small spectacled bear climbing a tree. Zoo Zurich is definitely worth a visit!

Langenberg Wildlife Park

The Wildnispark Zurich keeps its wild animals in near-natural enclosures and aims to ensure that the animals are able to live out their repertoire of natural behaviours to the fullest possible extent. In particular, this includes finding mates, rearing their young and, in the case of social species, living together in groups.

Here are some impressions of yesterdays visit:

Val Poschiavo

Today was a wonderful day starting with a nice drive across Flüela Pass and Bernina Pass. We then hiked to Lago di Saoseo and Lago di Viola, which lead trough snow, streams, rocks and forest paths. In the afternoon we had a delicious cake in Miralago and finished the day with a drive across Albula Pass. As always I took some pictures for you:

Lake Cauma and Rhine Gorge

Known as “Lag la Cauma” in the Romansh language, meaning ‘lake siesta’, Lake Cauma is a beautiful lake in Flims. One can take a lovely walk around and I can recommend restaurant Conn, which serves delicious pear-ravioli.

Rhine gorge between Reichenau and Ilanz is a spectacular landscape in Graubuenden and is unique in the Alpine region. We visited different lookouts: Il Spir, Versam Station, Islabord, Spitg and Zault. All of them offered an amazing view.

Here are some pictures of today: