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Morgestraich 27.2.2023 in Basel

The Basler Fasnacht starts on the Monday after Ash Wednesday at precisely 4:00 am with the Morgestraich. All the lights in the old town of Basel are turned off, the only light remaining comes from the lanterns of the Cliques. The Fasnacht lasts for 72 hours and ends on Thursday morning at 4:00 am. Basler Fasnacht is often referred to as the three most beautiful days. The parades taking place on Monday and Wednesday afternoon are called Cortège.

Basel 26.2.2023

We arrived one day before Fasnacht and had a lovely day in Basel.
“Zämme im Taggt” (Together in time) is the theme of this years “Blaggedde” (badge).
The three kings of a famous hotel transformed to “Waggis”.
Only “Lällekönig” (tongue-king) still observes the scene from his corner.

Zoo Zürich

Here are some more impressions from yesterday. We were really lucky and met a mate from work who also loves photography and the zoo. She told us a lot about the animals and when they are to see the best.
Thank you very much and have a great week.

Trift Glacier

The Trift Glacier is a 5 km long glacier in the Urner Alps near Gadmen. Trift Bridge is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge spanning 170 meters at a height of 100 meters.
The walk in the area was beautiful and we’ve seen a lovely sunrise and the first snow after summer. I like my hiking sticks, they were pretty useful. Can you see the bear? 🙂


The hike to Rothenfluh this summer was steep and hard. On the way we saw a pack of cute puppies that immediately grow on your heart with their playful and trusting nature.
The view on the lake and its surroundings was spectacular.
I like goats, especially because in the caravan of my parents it has a sign with a goat and the note “hier wird nicht gemeckert” (“here is not grumbled”). Goats always remind me on camping vacations.