Zigermeet Mollis

Yesterday was Zigermeet Mollis, an airshow with many aviation highlights.
My highlights were:
– walking in the back of an A400M – that’s the huge grey transport plane in the picture
– Tiger hunter – I just like its look
– Voler avec les Oiseaux – thats the one who flies with the geese
– Blanix Team – they painted a huge heart into the sky
– the feeling when a jet flies by
– the great photography equipment that was used all around the place

Thanks mate for that wonderful day!
Have a nice weekend everyone

Vilan & Crestasee

This weekend was fantastic! I walked together with my best friend, her sisters and their friends from Seewis im Prättigau to Vilan and back to Valcaus, where we rented scooters to drive back to Seewis. The hike was about 1439m height meters difference and for me the hardest tour by foot I’ve done so far. I’m glad I was in such great and supporting company!
The view was wonderful and the weather perfect for hiking. Just have a look below.

As a perfekt after hiking day we went to Crestasee, which is stunning and I’ll visit it again for sure to take some more pictures for you. There were a lot of people there today, so it was almost impossible to show you its beauty without any people on the photo.

So now it’s high time to go to sleep.. I wish you all a great new week.


It’s Züri Fäscht at the moment and we saw great air shows. It’s impressing at what speed they fly and trust each other to be where they’re supposed to be as they got pretty close to each other sometimes! They did fantastic maneuvers, but these are difficult to display in a pic, that’s why you just get to see some formations. If you want to see them, it’s still two more days to do so.
On the pic of the Super Puma (Transport helicopter of the Swiss Air Force) you see the two pilots waving)!

The fire works were amazing but my location and the pics not as much. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some more tomorrow. Or you just come around and watch it by yourself (just be aware it’s quite crowded).

Apart from that I’ve learned that the beak of a duck looks like the outline of a dog’s head, which I find hilarious and hard to forget again.

Zoo Zürich

Yesterday we went to the Zoo and even saw a baby flamingo and a young peacock!
I should definitely go there more often.
The wallabies, emus and koalas were in the open-air enclosure but just chilling in the shade, which makes totally sense  at 31°C outside.
Have a nice weekend everyone.


This week it’s going to be sunny and the temperature should reach around 30-37°C!
Yesterday we went on a nice walk on Rigi (also known as Queen of the Mountains). There was fog, mist, clouds and plenty of sunshine as well as the sound of birds and many cowbells. I’ve also discovered a lovely restaurant with delicious food. Mhhh!
There are many places in this country that I haven’t seen yet and I’m looking forward to explore more of them!


It was a wonderful weekend with cycling, markets, Latino-Hiphop and lots of time on the lake with four different ships. Three of them were steamboats and one of them even pulled in the chimney and the mast for a bridge undercrossing! The weather wasn’t brilliant but we made the best of it and adjusted our plans accordingly.
Lucerne’s city walls and towers are impressive to explore and offer a wonderful view of the lake and mountains. The tower clock is the first to strike on the hour, as the city expressly reserves the right to do so for itself (beware: don’t be on the tower on that time, it could be loud..).

I wish you a wonderful evening and a smooth start into the new week.