Yesterday was my first long tour with an e-bike and there was plenty to see!
I didn’t take my cam with me, so here are just few pictures: The bear that protects a great restaurant on Gottschalkenberg, view on Lake Zürich, View on the restaurant and view on Lake Aegeri.
Then there are some pictures from the last weekend.

Have a good new week everyone.


Sunrise at Üetliberg

Early this morning we went to Üetliberg to watch the sunrise.
In the late night-sky we also saw Mars Saturn and Jupiter aligned in direction southeast.
It was great to see a full sunrise with a nice breakfast afterwards. That’s something I’d love to do more often. The walk back was lovely as well, springtime is here and the peaceful forest is soothing.

I wish you all good health, a sunny Sunday and nice Easter.


Rigi is still one of my favourite mountains and it’s been a wonderful day!
It’s quite warm for this time of year, so there isn’t as much snow as one would expect. The landscape is spotted green and white and the view is incredible as always.
In one picture you can see the giant antenna from the top of the mountain looking as if it would stand next to a slope post in a green field.
Have a great next week everyone and keep looking around for the beauty of the nature.
In Zurich (and pretty sure in other places as well) you can see crocuses and snowdrops sprouting.

St. Peter’s Island

After a nice thermal bath in Yverdon-les-bains, where even a raven took a bath, we walked around St. Peter’s Island (St. Petersinsel), which is a peninsula in Lake Biel in the canton of Bern. It has ancient birch trees and the walk was wonderfully peaceful, not only because we hardly met any people, but also because the way is straight and mostly flat.


Creux du Van

“Creux du Van is a Swiss Jura carving on the border between the cantons of Neuchâtel and Vaud. It is about 1200 meters wide and 500 meters deep. The total length of the rock faces, which drop about 160 meters vertically, is about four kilometers. The area lies at the Mont Soliat at 1200 to 1450 m above sea level.” (Wikipedia)

We drove a lovely drive towards Creux du Van and wandered through such a beautiful landscape with fantastic view and even saw some chamois! See yourself:

Alp Flix

This weekend we’ve spent at Alp Flix, which is a high plateau with a large moor in the Grisons Alps in Switzerland. We slept in a lovely yurt-hotel with a wood stove. Its lovingly furnished restaurant is in the former stable and warmly served with delicious food. Today we discovered the beautiful surroundings by foot. It’s stunning!

Have a good new week everyone and thanks to my work colleagues who made this experience possible for me.


Last weekend we went camping in Ticino. It was wonderful! The weather was perfect, the forest lovely and the canoe trip on the lake just great.
I really love camping and I’m glad for so many great impressions!
Here are some pictures and I’ll take some more of the magical bridge without people on it another time.

Hoher Kasten & Lehmen

Today I was on Hoher Kasten (a mountain) and in Lehmen. Even though it was hazy, the view was great and the sunny weather as well as the physical activity felt good. Also the visit of the Ahorn chapel was good and the Leuenfall (waterfall) on the way there is beautiful! Thank you Dad for this beautiful day.
Once more you might spot some heart shapes in the pictures.

Auf Deutsch: Heute war ich auf dem Hohen Kasten und in Lehmen. Obwohl es dunstig war, war die Aussicht großartig und das sonnige Wetter sowie die körperliche Aktivität fühlten sich gut an. Auch der Besuch der Ahornkapelle tat gut und der Leuenfall (Wasserfall) auf dem Weg dorthin ist wunderschön! Danke Papi für diesen schönen Tag.
Wieder einmal kann man in den Bildern einige Herzformen erkennen.