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The hike to Rothenfluh this summer was steep and hard. On the way we saw a pack of cute puppies that immediately grow on your heart with their playful and trusting nature.
The view on the lake and its surroundings was spectacular.
I like goats, especially because in the caravan of my parents it has a sign with a goat and the note “hier wird nicht gemeckert” (“here is not grumbled”). Goats always remind me on camping vacations.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

This years holiday with my best friend was wonderful! We did the “Grand Tour of Switzerland” by car which was around 1900km of driving. We’ve seen so many beautiful places and I took a lot of photos. Here are some with the famous Grand Tour frame.
At the moment I don’t see the time to share further pictures here. Maybe later.
Have a nice day – Here its 34°C and sunny.


“The six o’clock ringing of the bells” is a traditional spring holiday in Zurich celebrated usually on the 3rd Monday of April, since the early 20th century. Following the parade of the Zuenfte (guilds) Winter is being burnt in form of the Böögg, a figure of a snowman prepared with explosives.

This was the first time I’ve seen it live and I liked the parade with the beautiful horses and the Böögg-figure a lot.
Seeing the Böögg being burnt was fascinating to watch, but I still don’t find it ok to burn the poor thing. It is cruel. My camera thought the same and broke down after a lifespan of almost 72’000 pictures.

Woodpath Thal

Sunday was a wonderful day with my brother’s family walking along the wood-path near Balsthal. There’s a ruin “Neu Falkenstein” with fireplaces and great view on the area.
Have a good time everyone and never forget to explore the world.

Wildlife Park Goldau

What a wonderful time! Thank you all for your friendship. These days were overwhelming.
We ate together, went to circus Monti, visited Wildlife Park Goldau and Seewen Museum of Music Automatons.
It was amazing and I am so grateful for having such warm-hearted friends and family.
Here are some impressions from the wildlife park:

Kloster Kappel

Here are some impressions of another wonderful location I visited last Friday for a friends wedding.
Candles in the church (the picture with the ten candles shaping a heart) we usually light wishing all the best for beloved people and I wish all the best to all of you.
Snapdragons (the flower on the stem) are around here called “lions-mouth”, because when you slightly squeeze their blossom, they open, as if it was a mouth.

Giessbach Waterfall & Reichenbach Falls

I experienced a lot during my fall vacation.
We visited Europapark, were in Brienz and went there to the Giessbach Waterfall, Reichenbach Falls and the Museum of Clocks and Mechanical Musical Instruments.
In the Ballenberg Museum I gained my first experience in blacksmithing and made a nutcracker for walnuts!
A friends wedding in the mountains including a carriage ride was the final highlight and I am meanwhile well back into everyday life. I wish you all a good day.

Round trip to the 150th anniversary of Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works (SLM)

With a historic train, led by the well 100 year old SLM locomotive Ae 3/6 I we went from Zurich HB via Saeuliamt to Lucerne. From there, the steamboat “Stadt Luzern” took us during lunch to Vitznau , where we took the 150 year old Railway via Rigi to Goldau. From Goldau we traveled along the Sihl Valley back to Zurich HB.
It was a wonderful day and the weather was perfect once more.