Nito Circus Live

Today I went to the “Nitro Circus Live”, it was an amazing and unforgettable show!
Best act for me was Aaron Fotheringham, who did a frontflip in his wheelchair from the big Nitro Circus Ramp. To see that was mind-blowing!
Also crazy was seeing a double backflip done with a motorbike!
Or someone with inline skates jumping from the big Nitro Circus Ramp landing in the hole of a Zorb ball!
And many many others!
A wonderful show that I’ll never forget!

3 thoughts on “Nito Circus Live

  1. Mitch

    I know how good is nitro circus. My favorite part was when they pulled 2 guys out of the croud and did the 3 person backflip thay was amazing. Was one awesome afternoon and im so glad my motorbike wasnt working the next day or I might have killed myself trying something

      1. Mitch

        Really thats not good, they nailed it in cairns. U can see why I didnt ride my trail bike the next day I would have done something stupid after watching them

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