Vilan & Crestasee

This weekend was fantastic! I walked together with my best friend, her sisters and their friends from Seewis im Prättigau to Vilan and back to Valcaus, where we rented scooters to drive back to Seewis. The hike was about 1439m height meters difference and for me the hardest tour by foot I’ve done so far. I’m glad I was in such great and supporting company!
The view was wonderful and the weather perfect for hiking. Just have a look below.

As a perfekt after hiking day we went to Crestasee, which is stunning and I’ll visit it again for sure to take some more pictures for you. There were a lot of people there today, so it was almost impossible to show you its beauty without any people on the photo.

So now it’s high time to go to sleep.. I wish you all a great new week.

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